We are loving HeidiSongs In Our Room!

Have you seen this?

heidi songs

I’m not sure how we stumbled across the HeidiSongs website. It could have been Pinterest, or just plain Google. What we do know is that our class is loving it! (** After I finished this blog post I realized that Heidi of HeidiSongs is actually quite active in the teacher blogger community. Ironically, that’s not how we discovered her!)

Learning the teen numbers can be challenging. Poor eleven and twelve are so often neglected when preschoolers count, and that just messes up the whole counting process. We’re at the point in the year where we usually teach our children “the teens.” This group was struggling a bit more with the concept than others had so we were looking for other ways to help them. That’s when we stumbled across Heidi Songs. After watching a few free previews online, we knew we had to have the DVD.

What our kids love about the series is the catchy songs. It took just one viewing of the DVD and our kids were singing about numbers non stop.  We as teachers loved how the video incorporated so many different learning styles into one lesson.  The children are singing the song, doing a special unique dance for each number and seeing the number.  The number is presented in written form (fourteen) numerical form (14) and with a 10 frame. It’s obvious that someone with a solid educational background created these videos.


Our kids’ favorite number song is twenty. “Number twenty goes first a two and then zero.”


“You better watch out for the twenty or he’ll bite your little bunty!”


We used our document camera, projector and laptop to show the DVDs so the videos were on our big screen. They’d also work well with a TV and DVD player. We’d only had the videos a day when we went back and ordered more. I think Sight Words and Letter Sounds are headed our way.

The highschooler working in our room this week came back to school the day after we first played the first DVD and said, “That song was stuck in my head all night last night!”  My teaching partner replied with a smile, “That’s the whole point!”  To which the highschooler replied, “You know it really would be nice if they still did stuff like this to teach highschoolers.”  I think the highschooler nailed that one.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have multi-sensory instructional videos to teach higher level concepts too?  For now, go and check out all of the early childhood videos at HeidiSongs. I bet you’ll find at least one you like.

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