St. Patrick’s Day QR Codes for Counting to 20

St. Patrick's Day QR codes

We had so much fun with the QR codes the other day, that I decided to make up another set with a St. Patrick’s day theme. Once you’ve made a set of QR codes, it’s pretty easy to re-use them for different variations on the same activity. You can read my post about the first time we used QR codes and I how I set up the activity by clicking here. I went with a shamrock theme this time.


You can download a set for your classroom use by clicking the picture below. Enjoy!

QR Codes for counting

You can also find my original “how to” post for QR codes with another free set of printable QR Code activity cards by clicking the picture below.


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Smart Apps For Kids with Free App Friday

I made a great discovery today! It’s a website called Smart Apps For Kids and each Friday they offer “Free App Friday” where they give away a select number of educational apps for free! Today, they’re giving away Montessori Letter Sounds HD, which I’ve been wanting to try for quite some time. I keep seeing it recommended on some of the different blogs I read, but it’s usually $4.99. Today, it’s FREE! They’ve got 11 other free apps today, and you can even sign up for their free app alert so that you’ll know about any of the free apps they are offering.20130215-103505.jpg